EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

2019, reflections

2019 was one of the most exciting years for EduBrite. EduBrite has always been ahead of the game in terms of rolling out new features and functionality in the platform, and we continued to build upon a solid foundation by adding some key features such as – Flexible training credits, Supporting audio narrations for videos, A very flexible reporting framework to build custom reports, Several new integrations such as with INXPO webinar platform, eCommerce enhancements to allow more advanced purchase flows and Exam versioning and equivalencies in the advanced certifications.

2019, reflections

SuccessX Launch

EduBrite platform is one of the most versatile and feature rich Learning Management System (LMS) available in the market, but to help emerging startup companies begin taking advantage of an LMS for customer training, a new perspective was needed to see how LMSs fit together with other necessary systems. In Oct, EduBrite announced its newest offering SuccessX, which brings all the essential ingredients in the right proportions, needed to deliver a connected learning experience for customer training. It offers Knowledge base, Micro learning, Communities, eLearning, Instructor Led Trainings (ILT) and Certifications in a single platform that can be fully branded. This was an outcome of our continuous interactions with Customer Success and Customer Support leaders and listening to their needs, which doesn’t get fulfilled by traditional LMSs.

Spreading the Word

In addition to product development, we also started spreading the word about what EduBrite is all about. EduBrite team consists of experts in technology, instructional design and learning/development space and we thought to share our expertise with not only our customers, but also with other folks in the L&D and Customer Success space.

EduBrite University Webinar Series

We launched EduBrite University webinar series, which conducts biweekly webinars on topics ranging from L&D technology and best practices to demonstration of new features and functionality of the EduBrite platform. Some of the topics on which we conducted webinars in last few months include – Compliance training blueprint, LMS for training providers, Creating advanced certifications, SCORM for programmers, Creating effective assessments, Instructor led training and Creating a connected learning experience using SuccessX.

Industry Events

We choose a couple of industry events to participate in this year as a sponsor, and set up our booth to meet with enthusiastic audience in person.

Atlassian Summit 2019

EduBrite has been part of the Atlassian ecosystem thru our add ons for Atlassian Confluence and Jira Service Desk, for a number of years. This year we debut in Atlassian Summit as a sponsor and set up our booth. It was an exciting event to participate in and meet with members of the Atlassian Community and showcase what EduBrite has to offer to them. We saw great interest amongst the audience for our both add ons – LMS integration for Confluence (Gilly) and LMS integration for Jira Service Desk. These interactions were invaluable for our product team who is constantly looking to improve our offerings.

DevLearn 2019

In Oct, EduBrite participated in DevLearn event, which is attended by thousands of eLearning professionals and enthusiasts. EduBrite announced SuccessX just before this event and it provided us an opportunity to meet with Customer Education and Training Professionals and show them demo of SuccessX. EduBrite booth was the place for several sessions we conducted on L&D topics during the breaks, and we also participated in DemoFest and presented a session on customer’s case study (VMware) where an L&D expert from VMware team did a presentation and demo of their Customer Education website built on SuccessX.

SOC2 Certification

Customer’s data security and privacy is something that we do not take lightly at all. Our development process, rollout, support, operational infrastructure and communications are all built around core principles of highest security and privacy.

This year, EduBrite completed its first SOC2 audit and certification by an independent auditor. SOC 2 audit report verifies the existence of internal controls which have been designed and implemented to meet the requirements for the security principles set forth in the Trust Services Principles and Criteria for Security. It provides a thorough review of how EduBrite’s internal controls affect the security, availability, and processing integrity of the systems it uses to process customer’s data, and the confidentiality and privacy of the information processed by these systems.

Looking ahead to the new decade

This post won’t be complete if I don’t mention what we are planning for the new year and the decade. Team EduBrite is stepping into the new decade with tremendous energy and solid plans to introduce new capabilities in the platform and make learning more fun (learning experience), deliver it outside the LMS in the third party applications (in app learning), and make it smart and adaptive using AI (personalized learning).