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3 Ways a Certification Program can Boost a SaaS Company’s Revenue

The competition between SaaS companies continues to get tighter and tighter. In the past, customer’s choices were limited to only one or two SaaS solutions for a particular task. Now, with over 100,000 SaaS companies in the US alone, consumers have a myriad of options when it comes to choosing SaaS products.

3 Ways a Certification Program can Boost a SaaS Company’s Revenue

A lot of SaaS companies still focus their resources on traditional sales approaches like advertising, attending conferences, and direct outreach. While those are very important to ensure a robust sales strategy, a lot of companies forget a powerful tool that can build brand awareness and boost sales; Developing a certification program.

So, how could a certification program, which is typically used to train employees and users, increase sales? Well, it might come as a surprise to learn how potent a certification program can be when applied to educating potential users about industry specific topics. For example Hubspot, a martech company, provides certification in general marketing topics like social media. In addition, think about using certification programs to educate your current customers. Companies like VMware, SYSPRO and MaritzCX use certification programs to create a community of product experts and build brand loyalty. Here are some of the reasons why a SaaS company needs to make a certification program a massive part of their overall marketing and sales strategy.

1. Empower Your Customers to Make the Right Choice

Customers now are incredibly choosy when it comes to buying SaaS. If they don’t get a good view of how a product can solve their problems or enrich their lives, then chances are they won’t buy. This utter lack of connection from customers is one of the biggest reasons why most SaaS companies fail to sell.

By creating an enlightening and interactive training tool for potential buyers, companies can educate potential customers, provide value, and teach them about the solutions available in their industry. . And the right solution should always lead them to your product. A certification program is an opportunity to build a positive learning and brand experience, introducing video, infographics, and interactive quizzes.

2. Add a New Source of Income

A SaaS company that has created a robust training module can also sell them for an additional source of revenue. This is considered big business, as more and more individuals are craving more training and knowledge in the SaaS space. If customers find out how much value a certification program gives them, they will have no issue shelling out money for future training modules.

An impressive tool to promote your product while earning at the same time? That’s a significant win-win proposition to any SaaS company.

3. Become the Benchmark Brand Product

Customers tend to gravitate towards a service or product that is already well known and established in the business. Think of how a lot of people now make vacation plans based on what a famous Instagram influencer posted.

One great way to establish market leader status in the SaaS space is by creating a comprehensive and impressive certification program. One that can get people in the industry talking and customers interested. A company who establishes themselves as the go-to experts in their field are more likely to be considered as market leaders and chief innovators.

Certification programs give you a chance to build fans before they’re even customers. Don’t miss the opportunity to reach your prospects before someone else gets their first.