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5 Best Possible Ways to Maximize Your LMS Trial

Educating employees and users has always been an essential part of creating a successful business. That is why the advent of Learning Management Systems are a welcome innovation for today’s companies and start-ups.

However, if you are still thinking about how an LMS could work in your company, some companies offer free trials. This is a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of designing courses in an LMS program and how it can benefit your business.

There are ways that you can make the most out of the time you invest in an LMS trial. Before signing up and beginning a free trial, it’s a good idea to learn the best possible ways to maximize your time.

5 Best Possible Ways to Maximize Your LMS Trial

Watch and Learn

LMS trials typically offer a live demonstration that gives an overview of the most important offerings of their platform. Some people skip this and go directly towards building their training modules. This leads to users not maximizing the potential of what an LMS can do.

Take time to watch the demo videos that the vendor has available. This will give you a lot of insights like tips and tricks on creating a successful training platform. If you have the option to talk with someone on the site, take the opportunity to learn from an expert.

Create a Realistic Schedule

It might be tempting to make as many free training modules or courses as you can. However, since most LMS trials have time constraints, it would be wise to do about 2-3 well-planned tests to truly maximize your training modules effectiveness. Plus, keep track of the time you spend to make sure that your course creation schedule fits with the team or person who will create and manage courses.

Form a Trial Team

When doing a test run for training and managing learning systems, try to form a reliable team to test it with. Focus on smaller groups, which will give you a better insight to whether your training objectives and platform needs are being met.

When making the team, try to spread their roles out so you can get a better overview of what to expect. For example, try assembling a test team from different departments (i.e., accounting, sales, HR, administration, etc.) This will give you a broader view of what your company needs.

Evaluate Your Needs

Before pulling the trigger on a free trial, ask yourself important questions like; what are your most important goals when it comes to training? Or what statistics you are most concerned with when it comes to the growth of your company? Simply put, always be clear on what your company needs and make training decisions based on identified needs.

Above all, Don’t Forget to Ask!

A great LMS trial shouldn’t just be a one-way street. Excellent LMS providers should have fantastic customer support staff ready to help your needs. For you to maximize your LMS trial, look at all the various functionalities, and ask about the ones you do not understand. Having trouble with analytics? An excellent LMS support staff should be able to help you know what every number means for your business. Always keep in mind that they are well experienced and equipped to tackle anything you might need to maximize your LMS trial.

One fantastic thing about most SaaS companies is that they offer a free trial before making your purchase. This way, you can see the value of their product and how it can help your business. When it comes to LMS free trials, just follow the steps above to truly appreciate how powerful an LMS platform could be for your company.

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