EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

Administration & Customization

EduBrite has simple & powerful administration tools, with a fully customizable user interface, captions, and certificates

Microsite administration & Customization Features


You can create your own LMS microsite with EduBrite by signing up for our two-week free trial here. The microsite will have its own unique URL which you fully own such as Alternatively, you can host the SSL yourself on your own site such Lastly, your microsite can have as many administrators, instructors and learners as you like.

User Management

Site administrators can create new users and promote them to administrator, instructor or a learner role. For large one-time imports, users can be imported using our bulk user creation tool. You can also turn on our self registration feature to allow users to signup on the site directly.

Group Management

You can have multiple groups with as many subgroups as needed below each group. A user can be assigned a role (author, admin, etc) at any level in each (or multiple) groups. Additionally, you can assign one or many groups to a specific learning community (forum). Each learning community can be its own silo depending on what groups are assigned. The end result is an increased participation by site users and also enables delegated administration.


With EduBrite you can completely customize your microsite by using features like: Out of the box themes, customize email templates, colors, security and many other site settings. Advanced customization can be done by a web developer using placements and our built in CMS, which lets you take full control of the CSS and navigation. You can use EduBrite to create fully functional websites, intranets, employee training, partner training, and customer training portals.

Multiple Microsites

EduBrite's unique multi-site architecture allows you to create multiple microsites for your specific audiences such as departments within a geography, or a specific customer. You can brand these sites differently but content that you create can still be pushed from a common site. This can be very useful for large publishers who provide specific sites for their customers. It can also be useful for training departments that have to train distributed teams who need a customized experience.

Single Sign On

EduBrite supports a number of single sign on options (SSO) such as: SAML, ADFS v2, Google, Azure, Okta, Atlassian Confluence, Salesforce, Google Apps and custom 3rd party SSO integrations.

Content Distribution via other LMSs

If you are a content publisher, you can host your eLearning content on EduBrite and deliver it through one or many microsites. Additionally, we support AICC publishing that maintains access control to the content you distribute.


EduBrite has a fully open source SDK to integrate with external systems. Other options such as Java, Javascript, https APIs are available. You can also create custom applications to batch sync data from/to your enterprise applications.