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Bi-directional content integration using AICC

What’s AICC

AICC stands for Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee, which is an eLearning standard for the development, delivery, and evaluation of eLearning courses. AICC uses the HTTP-based AICC/CMI Protocol (HACP) that allows communication between the course content and the learning management system (LMS). AICC also supports secure information transfers with HTTPS.

In other words, the AICC wrapper is a .zip file that contains a link of the course which can be uploaded as a course in the LMS. Your users can access content provided by external sources within your LMS. Alternatively, if you are a content publisher, then you can distribute the content to your customers using AICC. EduBrite supports bi-directional content integration using AICC.

How to use AICC with EduBrite

(a) Use AICC to create courses in EduBrite

EduBrite supports importing AICC wrappers to create courses from other systems including other LMSs. For instance, if you want to source ready content from your content provider, then you can utilize AICC e.g. LinkedIn Learning, Skillsoft etc.

In this case, you have a convenient mechanism available to create a course catalog in EduBrite using your own courses and AICC wrappers. Your users will then have access to all of the courses in one place and you can track the progress of your learners within EduBrite LMS. Any future changes to the content is managed by the content provider and changes are reflected immediately, so you don’t need to worry about updating content from content providers.

(b) Export AICC from EduBrite for content distribution (become a publisher)

This is quite a unique feature of EduBrite. This allows EduBrite customers to become content publishers. You can export an AICC wrapper of a course from EduBrite, which you can share with your customers. For example, if you are a training provider or an institute which offers several courses and have several customers who have their own LMS, then you can distribute AICC wrappers of the courses to your customers, which they can use to create courses within their own LMS. The key benefits are:

  1. Unlike SCORM, you don’t need to package and deliver the entire content within a course
  2. An AICC wrapper’s access can be managed for each individual customer
  3. Any changes made to the courses is reflected immediately so your customers always have access to the updated content
  4. Full tracking, reporting, and usage analytics available to you in EduBrite
  5. Your customers also have tracking capability within their LMSs
  6. Scale your business by delivering content to third party online marketplaces e.g. OpenSesame

If you have experience using AICC content, we would love to hear from you. More details are available at EduBrite Support Portal AICC bi-directional.