EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

Building On Demand Training Business

Educators and trainers often see technology as a cost to their business rather than viewing it as revenue generator. They often see investment in technology as a second priority, and try to map existing offline processes to any tool they evaluate for purchase. The reason for this is historical ways these products were marketed and used. But that is not the best use of technology, the real value of technology is to use it for new ways to deliver the learning and create new business models. Just like the dot com era e-commerce businesses grew rapidly in late 90s, Internet promises to spread the education in next 5 years. Never before we were blessed with all the necessary ingredients to deliver rich online experience like cheaper bandwidth, ubiquitous connection thru smart phones and tablets, stronger content protection options to prevent piracy and Y generation which is never out of touch with the network.

To create an on demand business for education and trainings, flavors of several types of products are required in the right quantity, namely Content Management, Ecommerce, Learning Content Management (LCMS), Learning Management (LMS), Analytics and Tracking, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Plain and simple, all the ingredients are equally important for the business, and EduBrite offers just the right solution for this problem.

EduBrite offers powerful features for creating an online training business:

  • An authoring process for making online tests using MS Word, rather than requiring to learn any new authoring tool, and also allowing creation of content in offline manner.
  • Course authoring by reusing existing content from Video, Powerpoint, PDF and other documents
  • Deliver online tests and assessment exams for internal site users as well as external candidates
  • Deliver eLearning courses thru built in Course Player, and track the progress and usage precisely. No need to buy separate course authoring tools
  • Self paced as well as blended delivery
  • Several packaging options for courses and tests, you can offer preview lessons and tests to users before they buy the complete package
  • Online payment integration with Paypal, CCAvenue
  • Manage multiple courses and offer courses to batches of trainees
  • Create and manage your website, or integrate learning funcationality in existing website
  • Manage customer database and contact information
  • Provide various discounts to your buyers thru online coupon codes