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Certification Courses

Certificate can be accessed by the trainee as well as administrator. You would need this very often in compliance trainings.

  • While creating the course, make sure to enable the Auto Award flag. You can do this from course editor by opening the Properties tab.
  • Add few lessons in course and make atleast some of them mandatory. You can do this from course editor by opening the Properties tab. Note that properties tab shows contextual properties based on whether you have selected a course, module, topic, lesson or quiz from the course outline tree view.
  • Include at least one quiz in the course and make it mandatory (you can have more than one quizzes also). Make sure that Passing Score is specified in the quiz. You can also set the number of attempts allowed for the quiz (default in unlimited).
  • Publish the course and then create a Course Session for it.
  • Add trainees in the course session (or edit the course session and make its access type open or paid to enable self enrollment).

Now when the trainees launch the course, they would be forced to view the mandatory items in the specified sequence (next lessons and quizzes will remain locked until they complete the previous mandatory ones). As soon as they pass the last mandatory quiz, they will be provided with a certificate of completion. Certificate’s template can be fully customized using the CMS module. You can track completed vs non-completed courses easily and view all details from the Reports module.