Salesforce Integration

This integration makes EduBrite LMS work seamlessly with Salesforce. You can deliver courses, tests and surveys inside Salesforce with single sign on experience. Learners don't need to leave Salesforce to take their courses and tests. Complete learner's interface is available right inside Salesforce. In addition, the learning achievements data is synced from EduBrite to Salesforce for comprehensive reporting.

Common use of Salesforce integration with LMS is done for training the Sales Teams, who regularly access their leads, contacts and opportunities within the same web portal. But there are many other scenarios as well, that utilize this integation. E.g. if you have created a Partner Portal or Customer Portal using Salesforce, then it makes sense to provide them the training access via LMS integration as well.

Another scenario that is commonly implemented via LMS integration is for tracking the Online training sale (orders) in Salesforce, especially by training providers. In this case, the learners might never access Salesforce but the sales team will use the integration for consolidated order tracking and reporting.


  • Quickly onboard and increase productivity of Sales teams
  • Empower sales managers to assign relevant training to their teams.
  • Allow learners to find and enroll in the trainings
  • Increase your training adoption and reduce the cost of training via integrated training dashboards
  • EduBrite for Salesforce helps enable your sales team to close more deals, service teams to better resolve issues, managers with reporting, to empower and educate employees, customers, channel partners, contractors and the overall extended enterprise.
  • Also, measure training metrics and correlate its impact on the bottom line with reports that seamlessly marry your Salesforce data with learners data from EduBrite.