EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.
Create an Engaging & Effective Learning Experience

EduBrite's Open Learning solution augments the LMSs and enables them to meet the demand of wide variety of audience in an extended enterprise. You can offer a great learning experience to visitors of your site, customers, partners and employees from the same solution that can be used within your intranet as well as linked/embedded in your website or support portal. Open Learning makes LMSs more relevant in any enterprise.



Learners can search for the lessons (Videos, Presentations, Documents) based on their specific needs and launch single lessons. Learners can also see what other users are learning from and whats recently added. They can also find and open their last viewed lessons. Lessons can be from any number of courses, but learner can access them without getting into the course.

Suggested Tests

While viewing a lesson, system provides a list of related tests which can be taken for self assessment. These suggested tests can be from different courses but learner has option to take them right away, after viewing the lesson, without getting into the full course. Tests are great way to engage the learners.

Suggested Courses & Programs

As learners discover & view bite sized lessons, they are progressively made more engaged by showing related full length courses in which they can self enroll depending on their interest. This ensures that while Open Learning is fun, it shouldn't eliminate the possibility of taking certification courses, especially for serious learners. By taking courses, learners can earn credits and badges.

Ratings & Comments

Empowering learners has another important effect that they are encouraged to rate the lessons and leave their comments. They can also look at overall rating and comments by other users. This open feedback system makes learners feel more engaged which also helps content authors and LMS administrators.

Follow, Playlists

Learners can follow the lessons or knowledge base articles that are interesting to them and get notified when the lesson content is updated or when anyone posts a comment on these lessons. They can also create their own playlists for easy reference, by adding any lessons and KB articles while they are viewing it.

Sharing in Social Networks

Learners can also use the easy single click sharing buttons to share the lesson in their social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter, while they watch it. Sharing has a positive effect of increasing visibility of your learning content in social networks and more users who click on these links can visit your microsite and learn more about your products.


All activities in Open Learning are tracked to provide in depth analytics to administrators and instructors. You can easily access viewing trends, follow trends, playlists addition, comment activities on aggregate and on specific lesson. These analytics will provide a great insight into how users are consuming the content, which content is in more demand and help you fine tune the content you need to provide for effective learning.

Featured Materials

As an administrator, you get the ability to mark featured lessons, courses, programs, events and even pre-created Playlists that appear at the top of the Open Learning landing page. You can have any number of items in featured section, and the users will see a randomly picked subset each time they visit the Open Learning.

Anonymous Access

Open Learning allows even anonymous users to use the system. They can come to your microsite from searching on Google or clicking on a shared link in their social network and start learning. As they become more engaged, they can signup and create an account.