EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

Training Analyze - LMS Reporting

EduBrite offers real-time analytic, dynamic and custom reports with several graphs and charts to easily visualize your data and interpret its meaning easily. Whether you're a small business or work within an enterprise, EduBrite's reports are easy to view, create and manage.

Reports & Analysis Features

Learner’s Transcripts

View details of learner’s activities such as number of times, and amount of time spent on each lesson, quiz and survey. Additionally, view individual or group level: Quiz scores, survey results, completion percentages and grades.


Automatically or manually award the completion of course for specific learners. Enable certification for your courses and customize the certificate template to suit your design and branding needs.

Course Enrollments

Track the learners course enrollment statuses such as: complete, incomplete, not started. These reports can be viewed at a group or user level within a specified period of time. You can also view your most popular courses among your users. Lastly, completions vs enrollments statistics can provide details of an instructor's performance for ILT courses.

Lesson Statistics

Track the number of views and time spent on each lesson in a course or across all your courses. Utilize this data to understand if a certain piece of your content is too confusing for the learner.

Quiz Statistics

Track the pass and fail attempts for any exam, and stats for each question in the exam.

Survey Statistics

Track the submissions and scoring for all surveys, view feedback from surveys at individual levels and group levels for data driven choices.

Scorm Reports

Track the completion percentage, completion status, interactions and objective achievements in scorm packages for each attempt.

Summary Reports

Get recurring summary reports emailed to you every day, week or month with enrollments & transaction summary. Customize these reports to be sent based on a specific team to their team manager, branch manager, or division manager.

Download, Print, Customize

Download the reports in PDF and CSV format. EduBrite also has APIs you can use yourself to export data into your platform. Lastly, you can ask us to develop any custom reports you may require.

Compliance Tracking

Keep track of any compliance requirements for your employees. Assign mandatory courses and track their training completion status. Utilize EduBrite to automatically adjust due dates based on assignment date. EduBrite will automatically send reminder notifications to employees and their supervisors.

Course Tracking

Course Tracking allows you to view the full progress of all learners enrolled in the course. You can view due dates and sort based on course completion status of: Completed, started, not started and failed.

Ecommerce reports

EduBrite integrates with payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal,, etc. We also allow you to track payments directly from our reporting dashboard for easy consolidated ecommerce tracking.

Custom Reports

Our built in CMS provides custom report scripting abilities to create specific reports. With this you can create short or data rich reports that can be scheduled to go out recurring to you, your teams, and clients.