EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

Training Delivery

EduBrite gives you a wide range of options to package and deliver your courses. With EduBrite LMS you can deliver content businesses both small and enterprise level. Let's take a look at the advanced features EduBrite has to offer.

Delivery Features

Informal Learning

Provide your learners with micro-learning aka open-learning to allow them to consume brief but targeted learning. You can also utilize learning communities to increase learner engagement. As a final item, provide access to knowledge base and FAQ for commonly asked questions all from within 1 portal.

Self paced delivery

Allow learners to enroll in any course and specify the access period for each course, you can shorten access to hours or indefinitely. Set minimum time limits for lessons and maximum time limits for quizzes / tests.

Instructor led and blended

EduBrite has integrations with Zoom, WebEx, GotoMeeting/Webinar, and ReadyTalk for live ILT events. You can mix eLearning content, assignments and ILT events in the same course or author an entire Learning Path. Automatically add events to iCal, Google or Outlook calendar. Schedule dates for modules, exams and utilize automatic/manual attendance tracking.

Access from anywhere

EduBrite has a mobile responsive website and both iOS and android apps. Our free native iOS app allows you to learn even when you have no network access, like in an airplane. In addition, our HTML5 based web interface works on all browsers, smartphones and tablets. We also have integrations with Atlassian Confluence and Salesforce that allows for training natively in those platforms.

eCommerce, Multiple Pricing

Deliver courses for selected groups of learners and set group specific access rules for: Delivery type, access dates, and monetization amount. You can also reserve the enrollment access or allow enrollment to be free or paid. From there you can set up integrations with your preferred payment gateway like: Paypal,, MerchantWarrior and CCAvenue.


If you are running instructor let training sessions (ILT) or blended courses, our assignment feature allows you to give any tasks to learners and set a due date. Learners can complete and submit their work, which you can accept or reject. The entire workflow from assignment creation, to submission to the final review can all be done and tracked online.

Programs (Learning Paths / Bundles)

Create programs with multiple courses and establish optional and mandatory courses, pre-requisite requirements and credits/CEU. Provide certificates for individual courses and/or for the program completion. You can also hybrize learning paths to include courses, events (ILT) and assignments. Lastly, we support badging including open badge 2.0 standards.

Customize the user interface

Use our built in content management system (CMS) to create additional pages to deliver your courses with any custom user interface needed. You can also integrate the course into your existing websites by implementing single sign on using our APIs and embedding our course player. Lastly you can host the SSL to create a native learning environment on your website. For example, would look like your website but the learner would still be using EduBrite.

Share in LinkedIn/Facebook - Social Media Sharing

We support one click simple sharing actions for LinkedIn or Facebook accounts. Share complete or previewable portions of the course for social media marketing. You can also get the embed tags to add your course to your blog or websites, just like you can embed videos and presentations from web 2.0 sites.

Assessment Delivery Features

Share or schedule exams

In addition to adding quiz or survey in a course, you can also use them outside of the course. You can make your tests available to learners via sharing, and scheduling events for specific assessment days. We also support advanced assessment features like proctored exams, offline exams etc.

Invite Candidates

You can invite candidates to take the exam by generating email invitations. The email contains all the information for the candidate to launch the test. You can customize the email templates anyway you like via HTML5.

Exam Management

EduBrite supports email notifications for every candidate's attempt in real time. Admins and instructors can manage exceptions for reattempts or giving extra time to specific candidates. You can approve these scenarios based on the reason the learner gives for not completing a test.


You can use the same test editor to create and conduct surveys that are analyzed at the aggregate level. But we also support individual survey reviews based on your preference. Surveys respondents can utilize a text box, multiple choice, and single choice question types to give specific feedback. Surveys can be sent to a group, or be embedded in intranets for members of an organization to discover & take them.

360 Degree feedback

360 degree feedback is a survey conducted to collect feedback (rating) about an employee in an organization from his/her subordinates, peers and managers. The employee can also rate himself/herself. As an author, you can create a survey with ratable questions having different weights for different choices.