EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

Collecting Feedback from Users

Tips about how EduBrite can help you collect valuable feedback from your trainees or all users of your microsite. EduBrite supports two ways to collect feedback – Polls and Surveys.

Polls – Polls provide a way to collect quick opinions from a targeted set of users. A poll generally has one or two multiple choice questions which the user can respond to. Poll organizer would get an aggregated result which would show how many users opted each of the provided option. Poll can be created inside a course session by the instructor to collect opinion from the trainees enrolled in the session. It can also be created inside a group by any member of the group to collect opinions from fellow group members. And the third possibility allows site administrators to create a poll at site level, which would be available to all the users of microsite. Polls can be created in advance with a future start date and an end date to automatically close it. Check out more details on polls in the knowledgebase –

Surveys – Surveys provide a more structured way to collect feedback from users. When you have a series of questions to ask in the feedback, then survey is better suited. In the system, a survey is almost similar to a quiz, except that it is not timed and neither it is scored. You create a survey just like you create a test. So you can choose from multiple types of questions and organize them into multiple sections. You can also have additional comments for each question in the survey. Just like the randomization options in the quiz, you can randomize questions and choices in the survey also. For delivery of the survey, you have all the options similar to a quiz delivery. So you can embed it in the course at the end of any module or topic. You can create an event to schedule a survey, and assign it to specified users (just like exam is used for scheduling quizzes). Users would complete the survey in the same manner they would answer a quiz, with a difference that there would be no time limit, and no scoring. As a survey organizer you have access to detailed reports on each question and choices in the survey. Check out more details on multi source feedback in the knowledgebase –

Multi Source Feedback (360 degree feedback) – This is a special case of a survey which is used to collect feedback (rating) about an employee in an organization from his/her subordinates, peers and managers. The employee can also rate himself/herself as part of a MSF event. This is done by creating a specialized form of survey questionnaire with ratable questions (VGR / HGR question types). The survey is then scheduled as an event and it requires selection of a user for whom the MSF will be collected. Other participants are added in the event with specific roles – as peer, manager and subordinates. Each participant then completes the online survey and the system provides an average rating at the end of the event which is categorized by ratings from subordinates, peers, managers and self. HR departments can get valuable inputs from this kind of survey as part of performance/competency analysis of employees. Check out more details on multi source feedback in the knowledgebase –