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Collecting Open Responses from Trainees

This tip guides about how to collect open (descriptive) responses from your trainees. Open responses may be needed as part of an exam or as part of regular trainings where trainees need to submit some kind of report or document.

Essay Type Questions: In quizzes you can add essay type questions along with other types of questions (like multiple choice, fill in the blanks) which allow candidates to enter their response in a text field with no limit on the input text length. Essay type questions aren’t auto evaluated and carry zero score until an instructor reviews them and assigns points. To review these questions, instructor/admin can open the candidate’s attempted test and use set-score link to add points. If a quiz has Essay type questions, its result status should ideally be set to Not Available while authoring the quiz because essay type responses need to be manually reviewed and scored by the instructor.

Assignments: In certain trainings instructors need to interact with trainees regularly and assign them tasks such as writing report or research paper by certain due date. Assignments feature available inside course-sessions provides all the flexibility of implementing this process. The whole workflow begins with Instructors creating an assignment with attached files(s) and assign them to certain trainees, sub-groups or to entire class. Trainees receive the notification and can complete their submission by writing an online document as well as by attaching any files. Instructors can evaluate and score the assignments, or can send it back to student for rework.

Both the above options can be used in a course session. In general assignments suit a longer activity and response (few days of work with few files), whereas essay type questions suit a Quiz type scenario which is few minutes to hrs long.