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What is customer learning and what are its benefits?

What is customer learning?

As the name suggests, customer learning involves training people that are outside your organization, mainly the target audience for your products. Part of the branch of eLearning called enterprise LMS, these external stakeholders could be your customers as well as partners and resellers.

Customer learning involves increasing knowledge about your product and helping customers to make better use of that knowledge. It can lead to increased customer satisfaction and a richer customer experience.

What are the benefits of customer learning?

Customer learning can yield dividends in both the short and long-term. By engaging your customer base both at the start and during use of your products or services, the following benefits can be achieved:

Increased value proposition for your offering

You and your team are knowledgeable about why your product or service is highly valuable for your customers. But external audiences do not likely have the same product familiarity. You want your customers to appreciate the value of your offering as soon as they hear your brand. Customer training walks them through the value proposition and how your offering will solve their pain points. It leads your customers to the same value appreciation that you have – the “aha” moment.

Increased customer engagement

Customers engaged in the product or service will mean less friction in using it. Walking along with customers and ensuring that they know the ins-and-outs of using your offering will result in less frustration. Furthermore, when customers have high value appreciation for your offering, they are likely to become your advocates and brand ambassadors, spreading positive word-of-mouth feedback and offering testimonials.

In fact, a Wharton Business School study reports that referred customers generate $0.45 more profits and lower customer acquisition cost (CAC) by $23.12 as compared to other types of customers.

Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction

You may have stiff competition and lots of players in the industry. Customer training helps highlight your Unique Selling Proposition - that one thing that differentiates you from the rest. It gives them a rich user experience that enables them to navigate your product or service, even troubleshoot, on their own.

Customers that go through training programs – even the short ones – are likely to see your offering’s value on a deeper level and develop customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your brand.

In fact, customer training can positively impact your Net Promoter Score. NPS® (or Net Promoter Score) is a widely recognized benchmark used to measure customer experience and loyalty.

As a trademark of Bain and Company since 2003 and considered the gold standard of quantitatively measuring customer experience, this metric is now used by millions of companies to keep track of how customers perceive and identify with them.

Lower customer support costs

Because training helps eliminate friction in the user experience, it also lifts the burden off your customer support team. Each time a customer reaches out to customer support, it costs your company valuable time and human resources.

Customer training means less frustration with the use of the product, and more knowledge in navigating the user experience. This also means that there are less calls and outreach to customer support, freeing up the team to handle more complex troubleshooting.

Higher customer retention

It goes without saying that customers that are engaged, satisfied and loyal to your brand tend to stay with you for the long-haul. Customer training leads to higher customer retention as it helps lessen the friction in the user experience. Lack of learning programs for customers leads to dropouts because of steep learning curves that adequate training could otherwise address.

Higher likelihood for customers to upgrade

With customer retention comes the higher likelihood that a customer will upgrade. Armed with more in-depth knowledge of your product or service, they may better appreciate the value it brings to their life, making them more likely to acquire more of your product or service. Customer training plays a big role in upsells and cross-sells, as well as customer success.

Increased revenue and profit

With lower customer support and customer acquisition costs, higher customer retention, and increased potential for upgrades come an increase in revenue and profit. This is a win-win for you and your customers – you are able to grow your business while ensuring that customers get more value for their money.

Accelerated sales cycle

By helping your customers gain a full and satisfying user experience, you are also able to adopt a shorter sales cycle. This means that customer learning accelerates the whole cycle by empowering customers to go through the offering on their own, while becoming brand promoters or ambassadors. Customer learning also enables cross-sell and upsell opportunities, a product of high customer satisfaction and engagement.

Use a Learning Management System for your customer training

Customer training is a powerful tool to build brand awareness, customer engagement and retention. By having an effective onboarding strategy, you can map out the best features of your product and help your customers to see what the product can do for them. You can provide continuous customer training to explain new features and increase engagement while showing how your products keep delivering great value. This helps to increase customer adoption, reduce support challenges, and win customers for life.

Convinced that customer training is something you should be doing to grow your business? Then you need a tool to implement a customer training program.

EduBrite LMS enables you with an intuitive and welcoming interface, delivering the best experience to your customers with various learning content modalities such as Self-Paced Training, Instructor-Led Training, Virtual-Live Training, and more. EduBrite LMS offers both free and paid training with complete ecommerce workflow, promotion capabilities to market your content, and the ability to manage back office delivery operations to run your customer training business.

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