EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

Customer Onboarding and Training

Customer training is a powerful tool for your brand awareness, customer engagement and retention. By having an effective onboarding strategy, you can map out the best features of your product and make your customers see what the product can do for them. You can provide continuous customer training to explain new features and increase engagement while showing how your products keep delivering great value. This helps to increase customer adoption, reduce support challenges and you can win your customers for life.

Key Highlights of
Customer Onboarding and Training

Customer Friendly Learning Modalities

Increase your customer engagement and retention by delivering training to them based on how and where they want to learn. With options to deliver self-paced, instructor-led or virtual trainings, customers can learn anywhere anytime.

eCommerce Capabilities

LMS with eCommerce capabilities (shopping cart functionality with various payment methods, currencies, taxation, promotions, training credits) enables users to carry out all their transactions and seamless browsing experience that helps boost your sales.

Back Office Training Operations

Comprehensive back office capabilities enabling you to run your training operations including creating and publishing training catalog, scheduling classes, managing instructors and rooms, managing rosters, etc. make the daunting task of managing operations a breeze.


EduBrite LMS offers powerful functionalities of Online Learning,
Instructor-led training, and Certification.
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“Open Learning concept. Leaderboards, social learning piece.EduBrite team has done great job in making it UI friendly to end users and have some cool features. The admin part is also cool. Analytics also give them the edge. ”

Sanjeev K

Drive higher adoption and retention

EduBrite LMS enables you with Intuitive and welcoming interface, delivering best experience, various learning content modalities to offer to your customers (such as Self-Paced Training, Instructor-Led Training, Virtual-Live Training, etc.), ability to offer both free and paid training with complete ecommerce workflow, promotion capabilities to market your content and also ability to manage back office delivery operations to run your customer training business.