EduBrite and Alfresco Integration for Course Developers

Curriculum and course developers often are faced with a need to have solution that combines the content authoring, robust repository, course delivery and tracking. EduBrite’s Alfresco integration combines the power of Document/Content management system with a fully functional social collaborative learning management system to create an end to end solution for the learning content development to consumption.

Alfresco is an open source document and content management system which offers several key features for curriculum development.

  • Extensible workflow to model any business process
  • Robust document repository, versioning Business Rules Customized metadata, search
  • Permission control, Groups
  • WebDAV support to access the content repository as network shared drive

EduBrite’s Alfresco connector module provides bi-directional integration and adds new features in both Alfresco as well as EduBrite LMS. In Alfresco, it creates customized content objects and workflows. The customized content object adds several additional attributes like subject and skill level and adds several repository actions to manage the state of the content object and trigger content approval workflow. It provides a repository browser and allows importing course content from Alfresco in EduBrite LMS.

Content Developers map Alfresco as shared network drive on their desktop, and create a working folder in their desktop which they can sync with the mapped drive. The custom actions in alfresco repository handle the check-in and workflow integration behind the scene, so all content gets versioned.

Once the content is ready and approved, it can be imported as lessons in any course from EduBrite LMS. The alfresco connector can be used to browse the alfresco repository and pick any folder to import in the course recursively.

The courses are then authorized to groups and trainees for the learning programs. EduBrite Edge servers can be utilized to deploy the training content on remote locations (To support the low bandwidth/no internet connection scenarios). All the interaction learners have with the courses is tracked by EduBrite LMS and is made available for reporting.