EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

EduBrite at DevLearn 2012

Team EduBrite arrived Las Vegas on Oct 30th afternoon to participate in the DevLearn 2012. We immediately went to Aria Resort and Casino’s convention facility to make necessary preparations for exhibition which started on the Halloween day. This was team EduBrite’s first participation in learning expo event as an exhibitor.

Day 1 (Oct 31, 2012)
Day started at 7:30 am. Right after keynote session there were a lot participants came to the Expo area. We got to know a lot of curious minds, who shared what’s happening their world and learned about EduBrite LMS and our newly released mobile app for iPad. Some of them experienced iPad app themselves and praised the simplicity of using iPad for learning activities.

Ajay and Manish at EduBrite Booth, DevLearn 2012

Ajay presented the demo on Train and Assess On Multiple Platforms using EduBrite explaining the audience that how EduBrite’s light weight learning management system’s business ready features can help small medium business and training providers to streamline their training process and scale up the training operations. Additionally, custom branding, ecommerce gateway for online payments, single sign-on from Atlassian Confluence, Google or using iPad device for mobile training provides icing on the cake. A small clip of Ajay’s presentation is available at

Overall it was quite an eventful day. The reception hours in the evening brought a lot of enthusiasts to our booth as most lined up for cocktail, which was just next to our booth :). It was amazing to see participants in the great Halloween spirit and consumes .

Day 2 (Nov 1, 2012)
Day started around 9:30 am. Some of the participants from day 1 came back to our booth and had interesting conversation. Participants liked EduBrite course editor. They found it’s easy to create courses by assembling the existing documents, presentations, audios, videos (uploaded or external such as YouTube or Vimeo etc.) and SCORM. There was great appreciation for EduBrite online quiz WYSIWYG editor for it’s intuitiveness. Another eventful day with meeting so many people and exchanging information.

At 2:15 pm both Ajay and I were very busy with curious minds explaining EduBrite LMS and mobile app for iPad. We didn’t realize that big crowd gathered near our booth for an iPad drawing (due at 2:30 pm). Debbie Bess from VSPN won the iPad. Many congratulations!.

Manish awarding Debbie an iPad

Thanks all for coming to EduBrite booth and sharing your thoughts, experience. As I write this, I can still feel the residual of pain in lower part of my legs due to standing 20 hours in 2 days of expo. Thank god my mind is fresh after having good rest over the weekend!