EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

EduBrite Personal Edition – Release!

EduBrite has launched the newest offering – EduBrite Personal Edition.

What is EduBrite Personal Edition?

A light weight training solution for individual trainers, educators or group leaders in any organization, helping them conduct formal or informal trainings and assessment for their small group of trainees, students or team members. It allows creation of online quizzes, surveys and courses, share them with participants and track their responses and progress.

Key features delivered in the personal edition

  • Create quizzes and surveys, with 10 different types of question format including multiple choice, fill in the blanks and matching
  • Create online courses by dragging and dropping any existing presentations or documents (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Audio, Video etc.)
  • Add You Tube videos in the courses
  • Add SCORM packages in the courses
  • Invite participants via e-mail, to take the course, quiz or survey
  • Track the progress, activities of participants and usage of the content

Simple to start

  • Visit us at and click the button “Sign up free!”
  • Signup for Personal Edition as a user (all you need is an email id)

Now get ready to begin training your trainees, employees or students.

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