EduBrite releases new version of Gilly 1.0

This major release brings following new features*:

  • Addition of surveys (You can use to get feedback from your team and / or organization)
  • Brand new easy-to-use rich text quiz editor (You can still use MS Word templates to create the tests and upload as before)
  • Integrated reports within Confluence
  • Addition of advance quizzes properties like all questions mandatory, fast forward only etc.
  • More details about new release

Availability: Gilly 1.0 is compatible with Atlassian Confluence 3.1 to Confluence 4.0.3

What’s Gilly?

Gilly is a plugin which integrates EduBrite training and assessment platform with Confluence to allow tests (quizzes), surveys and assessments to be delivered within Confluence to meet your teams and businesses need.

Gilly not only helps in skill assessment, but it also provides detailed feedback for skill and competency improvement in an individual student or employee. Each test attempt is recorded and tracked by the system, and the administrator can see a consolidated view of a user’s activities and scores.

Gilly is useful for a wide spectrum of use cases, such as online training, employee assessment, customer support, distance learning and online exams. Gilly can be used for informal practice tests and quizzes as well as formal exams such as certification tests and formative assessments.

Note – Click here to find more information about Gilly.