EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

Employee Onboarding and Training

The right employee onboarding experience and training program boosts engagement and increases retention. It empowers employees who are newly hired or even those recently transferred from other departments. An LMS enables you to offer a structured and tailored onboarding process for employees that makes them successful from day one.

Key Highlights of Employee
Onboarding and Training

Tailored training program

Create a personalized onboarding training program to ensure what’s relevant that drives employee engagement and organizational objectives.

Ubiquitous learning

Offer remote onboarding or a blended approach by providing  employees access from anywhere, anytime using any devices including PC, MAC, tablets and smartphones.

Onboarding to ongoing training

Start with a new hire process that includes milestone based training during initial 30-60-90 days, etc. and continue to offer ongoing job and personal/professional development related trainings.


EduBrite LMS offers powerful functionalities of Online Learning,
Instructor-led training, and Certification.
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“EduBrite has uniquely met our global organization's requirements for an enterprise class Learning Management System (SaaS) targeted at providing centralized internal learning programs for our Human Resources and IS&T departments”

Torey Q

Enhance Employee Onboarding Experience

Create an adaptive learning environment using EduBrite LMS. Offer an open learning environment and go beyond on-boarding to empowering your employee. Provide a platform that allows employees to design their own informal new hire checklist.  With EduBrite’s open learning, employees can browse, find, filter and search learning content of their interest and engage with subject matter experts and other team members.