Enforcing Access Time

On many occasions, you may come across a need to setup users who can access the site or courses only for certain number of days. This week we are sharing several tips to help you fine tune settings as per these requirements.

  • User’s start and end date: Every user in microsite can be assigned an end date for the account, which automatically disables login access for the user once the end date is passed. By default there is no end date set. Site admin can set the end date for specific users from the Site Users listing page. Note that, the user account would still be in Active status, until manually deactivated by the admin. This feature can also be used to temporarily revoke login access.
  • Period of access for a course: To restrict the access to a course for a specific period, you must always deliver it as a course session by creating a schedule for it. This also implies that you authorize the course in specific groups and do not make its content previewable. For a course session, you can specify a start and end date. Trainees who enroll in the course session can access the course only from session’s start date till session’s end date.
  • Start and End dates of modules/topics: In some courses, you might have a need to create a daily or weekly schedule which can create a daily or weekly agenda for the trainees. In course session, you can specify the start / end dates of each module and topic in the course, which can help you define the whole schedule upfront.  The default values for start/end dates of modules and topics in a course session are derived from duration specified in the course editor, for each module and topic. So you can set the duration once in the course, and every course session created for it would use those values to initialize the start/end dates of modules and topics in the session. By default, only start dates are enforced which prevents access to a module’s content before the start date. You can enable end date enforcement by enabling course session’s Enforce end date of module/topic settings. By default not accessible modules/topics are shown locked in the course player, but you can completely hide them in the course player by enabling Hide unavailable module/topic setting in course session.
  • Max allowed time for a Lesson: You can control the max time a user will have access to a lesson in course session (similar to duration for a quiz). For setting this up,  you need to specify lesson’s duration in the course editor and enable Enforce Lesson Duration property in the course session’s settings. Once this property is set, course player starts tracking the lesson viewed time and locks the lesson after the specified allowed time has reached for a trainee. Again, this implies delivery of course via a course session.