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Five surveys you can deliver in Confluence using EduBrite

If you are using Confluence for Team collaboration and Knowledge base, here are few ideas to use it for delivering different kinds of surveys.

EduBrite’s training dashboard in Confluence provides easy access to any survey which the employees are supposed to take.

New employee survey

When a new employee joins the organization, it is very important to collect his / her feedback about on boarding experience. Survey should not be done just once, rather you should think about doing a survey periodically in first year (like once each quarter) to see how their responses change progressively as they become fully comfortable in the new job. Feedback from these surveys can be used to improve the on on boarding programs.

Annual career growth survey

Every employee can have different aspirations about their career growth. It is very important to ask them about what job roles and functions they look forward to in next few years. By knowing their responses, proper guidance and assistance can be provided by the organization. These feedback responses are also useful for management in identifying future leaders and managers.

Training feedback survey

For classroom trainings, it is normal to provide a survey to participants that they can fill out for giving feedback about quality of the content delivered in class, quality of the instructor and any specific training needs that they want to get covered in future classes. These responses are a vital component in the instructor led trainings. The responses from these classes can be analyzed to learn a lot such as getting comparative ratings for instructors, understanding the training needs of a specific group of employees etc.

Product design feedback survey

Product teams can conduct surveys within team to collect feedback on various design options about their product. E.g. you can present UI mockups in different styles and ask the participants to rate these options.To identify the highest rated option, you can use survey statistics reports in EduBrite.

360 degree feedback survey

These surveys are used for specifically collecting responses about an individual employee from his/her juniors, peers and seniors. These responses are summarized to derive useful information about employee’s inter personal skills in the workplace, behavior with co-workers and work proficiency. The individual survey responses are generally kept anonymous and only the aggregate analytical summary is used for any official purposes.

EduBrite allows creating surveys with different kinds of question formats. These surveys can be directly sent as a link, scheduled as an event for specific dates, or can be added in the self paced courses. EduBrite’s training dashboard in Confluence also provides easy access to any survey which the employees are supposed to take. You can also use Embed Survey macro to embed the survey directly in any Confluence page. EduBrite can be used with both Cloud and Server version of Atlassian Confluence by using Gilly app by EduBrite.