Gilly 0.91 – Exam Subscription

New version of Gilly 0.91 is available, it is compatible with Confluence 3.4 (which was released in Oct) and also adds a new feature to allow subscription to exams from confluence which was requested by few users who used 0.91

In previous version of Gilly, confluence admin was required to subscribe the users to the exams in CBT micrsoite, but now confluence users can do it themselves (if exam is configured to allow free subscription). A new menu item Available Exams is also added in the Dashboard and Browse menu to view available exams which can be subscribed. This is going to help the use cases where you will setup few exams upfront for your employees and they can take the exams anytime they want. Administrators get notified when someone takes the test in exam. for more information check the Gilly page