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How to Support Your Customers AND Save Time

StartUp founders and employees know all too well how stretched a team can get when launching and growing a business. And of course, it’s not surprising.

Think about all the things you’re balancing. StartUp founders are first responsible for creating and making a plan to execute on a company’s vision. At the same time, you’re recruiting for board members, executives, and superstar talent that can excel in a fast paced StartUp environment. Plus, your company’s short term and long term goals have to be set in marketing, product, sales and funding. And someone has to hold everyone accountable.

On top of all of that, maybe you’re spending time in 1 on 1 sessions with your customers. Maybe you’re the one scheduling conference calls to onboard customers and troubleshoot issues.

How to Support Your Customers AND Save Time

Sure, customers are the lifeline of your business. And you know that great customer support leads to happy customers, increased product adoption, easier customer retention, and a better bottom line. But, what else could you be spending your limited time on? You need to find a tool that saves you time now, that fits within your budget, and is flexible enough to grow along with you.

Sharing content through a learning management system (LMS) can make onboarding and customer support easier for both you and your customers. Having your content in one place saves you time and money and makes it available to everyone- when and where they need it.

Imagine tracking what topic customers are searching for most, which customers are accessing the training, and if your training leads to more renewals, too. An LMS provides you insight into customer data that you can’t get with any other type of training.

Your customers already have questions and your competitors are building their own onboarding education, too. Start today. You don’t need a special skill set to design courses or a big budget. Start small. Begin with the one process or tip you share most often with your customers and document it as the first article in your knowledge base.

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