EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

Integrate Jira Service Management, Confluence and EduBrite LMS for effective Customer Support

Jira Service Management is an add-on application for Jira, that is used for Helpdesk / ITSM purposes (IT Service management). It can be used within large enterprises by teams to request support from IT or other departments. It is also a great solution as a Helpdesk for customers, to request support. Basic interaction is the same from the end user’s perspective.

Atlassian has done an excellent integration of Confluence Knowledge base with Jira Service Management. The main idea behind this integration is to let customers search for an existing solution to their problem even before they create a support ticket. The Interface is also designed to bring search at the top of everything.

From our experience, we know that Knowledge base and Helpdesk alone won’t be enough to create an effective solution for Customer success. You need to also provide “trainings” so the customers can learn about your product or service and therefore need less support.

Investment in Learning Management Systems alone will not give you a return on investment, if you don’t have the right kind of content and if the LMS is not integrated with Helpdesk. Since EduBrite was already integrated with Confluence using Gilly, many of our existing customers asked us about their need to also integrate LMS with Jira Service Management. So we built this new integration and it is now available for Jira Service Management (server). Check the Atlassian Marketplace listing here

All LMSs support the delivery of learning in the form of courses. But EduBrite goes a step further and lets end users access individual lessons of these courses as well using Open Learning solution. This is also called as “micro-learning”. We will see below how this becomes a very powerful tool in the integration with Jira Service Management.

The integration gives three main benefits:

Reduce the number of support requests

Just think this, how many times you have searched for “How to videos” on the internet, when you needed to fix something, before calling customer support. Self help is most preferred way by the customers, and it reduces the number of customer service calls. Self-help can come from a Knowledge base as well as from LMS.

Just like integrated Confluence search, EduBrite LMS integrates “search” to let customers get all the self help learning and training material easily, before creating a support request. The existing search interface of Jira Service Management is extended to also search in EduBrite LMS and provide Micro-learning lessons, Self-paced courses and Instructor-led classes in the search results. These results allow customers to launch the relevant lessons and courses right from within Jira Service Management. EduBrite’s ability to allow access to individual lessons comes in handy because customers can get just the video, document, or presentation which is precisely relevant to their problem, rather than launching a big course that may have several lessons some of which may not be the direct solution.

Search results can also include upcoming instructor-led trainings, for which customers can register right from the search results views.

Full view of Customer’s Training History

Jira Service Management provides the concept of Queues to allow Agents to access the support requests that they need to work on. Supporting customers requires going thru the problem description as well as searching in the integrated Confluence knowledge base for a solution. Confluence provides knowledge base matches on the Issue page which Agents can recommend as a solution to the customers. But sometimes that is not enough.

Agents need to know more about the persona of the customer, to understand their level of understanding and provide support accordingly. This is where we have added EduBrite integration, to pull training history of the customer from the LMS. By looking at training history, if agents realize that the customer has to take training to learn something better, in that case giving a solution available in Knowledge Base might not be the best solution. Agents can easily search available self-paced courses or upcoming instructor-led trainings right from the View Issue page, and recommend these to the customer in one click. This should make Training Managers happy, as their courses and classes will see increased adoption, for sure.

Integrated Training Dashboard

We have also integrated Training Dashboard in Jira Service Management’s customer view as well as agent’s view. Not only customers can see, enroll and launch courses, they can also view their training achievements and badges and download and print certificates.

Customer Support managers can also see benefit as trainings for Agents can be accessed right within Jira Service Management. Customer Support managers can build and deliver Agent on-boarding programs very effectively. Agents will also have their courses to refer to, just in case they want them for a refresher.

EduBrite does a Single Sign-On (SSO) and auto-provisioning of users with Jira Service Management, so setup and maintenance of users in LMS can be fully automated. As an additional benefit, you can create a lot of custom workflows within Jira and can integrate EduBrite LMS in those workflows using our APIs. For any questions or assistance, reach out to or post a question in our user community.