LMS for Confluence (Gilly)

Atlassian Confluence is one of the best application in enterprise collaboration. It is likely that you are using it for

  • Keeping all the IT/developer documentation
  • Support documentation
  • HR forms, documents, Benefits information
  • Collaboration
Gilly (EduBrite's Confluence add-on) will allow you to do more with Confluence. It will allow you to train and assess employees, partners and customers right inside Confluence using integrated Training Dashboard. Gilly provides a seamless single sign on experience so users don't have to leave Confluence or even do separate login to take the exams and courses.

Gilly is available for both Confluence Self-managed as well as Confluence Cloud. If you are using Confluence self-managed (server), then signup for EduBrite Business edition trial account which you can connect and install Gilly in Confluence. If you are using Confluence Cloud, then just install Gilly from the marketplace add-on listing and your business edition account will be created automatically.


  • For users who are already using Confluence, this is the best way to deliver them the trainings they need for productivity or compliance
  • Utilize your own custom content, which is targeted specific to your own needs
  • Team leads can create courses and tests specific to their teams, and design
  • Besides authoring your own content, you can also add 3rd party SCORM packages in the courses, which you might need for HR related trainings
  • EduBrite Business edition is a light weight SaaS solution, which allows you to scale up or down your plan anytime. You can even use it for users who don't have Confluence login, while still providing integrated experience to Confluence users
  • Gilly plugin is simple to install, upgrade with no maintenance overhead for the Confluence Administrators


Gilly is available for Confluence server (self-managed) as well as Confluence cloud. Gilly for Confluence Server and Cloud are supported in all tiers of EduBrite business edition.

Gilly Webinar Recordings

Login to Gilly Demo Site

URL: http://gillydemo.edubrite.com
Username: demo1, demo2
Password: edubrite