EduBrite + Webex

Deliver integrated instructor led trainings from your learning management system (LMS) using Webex.

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Features + Benefits

  • EduBrite can automatically generate a Webex meeting URL for each meeting you schedule. Alternatively you can also import existing meetings from Webex into EduBrite with a click of a button.
  • EduBrite eliminates the need to coordinate dates and URLs of a meeting by automating the event creation and calendar invite process.
  • When rescheduling or canceling a meeting, EduBrite will automatically send the updated invite to the learners calendar while updating the dates in our catalog.

EduBrite gives you time back in your day by providing an automated way to schedule your conferences and meetings in our LMS platform. By connecting EduBrite + Webex Meetings you unlock the ability to provide video conferencing, automatic event reminders and attendance tracking to your LMS users.

After a user becomes enrolled into a Webex instructor led training (ILT) session, EduBrite automatically sends out dynamic calendar invites and reminders to your users. As an admin you can customize the exact messaging you’d like your users to see when receiving these notifications.