Standard features in all plans

Course Authoring

Drag and drop your existing Powerpoint, Word, PDF, Audio, Video files into course builder and arrange them in modular e-learning courses. Set completion criteria, mark individual content items mandatory or optional. Re-use content across multiple courses.

Test/Survey Authoring

WYSIWYG test editor to create questions in 12 different formats like multiple choice, fill in the blanks, matching, sequencing or Likert scale. Add effects like a random selection of questions, shuffling of choices or selection of a subset of questions from pools.


Use externally created SCORM 1.2 or 2004, AICC content seamlessly in courses. Fully track activities, interactions, and objectives from SCORM.

Self Paced Training (Asynchronous Learning)

Create multiple delivery sessions for a course and set duration, start/end dates, set completion and success criteria. Support for self-paced, collaborative, blended & drip learning styles.

Program (Learning Path) Management

Combine multiple courses into different programs, or bundle multiple programs into program bundles, as per the needs of a specific group of learners. Mark individual components as mandatory or optional, set pre requisites.

Instructor-Led Training (Synchronous Learning)

Create events for classroom sessions, or virtual online sessions using integrations with Zoom Meeting|Webinar, WebEx, Goto-Meeting|Training|Webinar or ReadyTalk. Create and track offline activities, Assignments, track Attendance and manage Grading.


Create certification programs with pre-requisites, versioning, question pools, expiration, and renewals. Manage multiple templates for online certificates. Set credits, points, CEU on courses and programs.


Set points to be earned on individual lessons, tests, courses and programs to generate site wide or group specific leaderboards. Award badges on courses and programs. Full support for Open Badges to allow learners to share them in other websites.


Sell courses, programs or instructor-led training events in the online catalog by integrating with Paypal, or Stripe. Create discount coupons or fixed value vouchers. Manage individual selling, group purchases or b2b subscriptions.


Out of the box configurable reports at system, group, class and specific content level. Configure the report output, schedule the delivery and send it to specific users.

User Management

Manage different user bases like employees, customers, and partners in the system. Import users from the existing system. Enable self-registration with custom signup forms. Create custom fields, bulk update, auto-deactivation, send reminders and other notifications.

Single Sign-on

Integrate with any system like Google, Atlassian Confluence/Jira, Okta, Azure using SAML, oAuth, JWT or API based custom single sign-on.

Learner Portal

A learning portal allows personalization based on the audience to address their specific needs e.g. custom dashboard, panels and displaying relevant content.

Mobile Learning

Allow your learners to access their trainings when they want at their convenience. EduBrite fully supports responsive UI and native mobile app for iOS and Android.

Extended Enterprise

Map your extended enterprise structure in a hierarchical groups. Create custom groups for employees, departments, regions, customers and partner organizations. Assign group level administrators, instructors and training coordinators for fully decentralized operation.

Site Management

Configure features in your microsite, define security policy, customize the appearance, create templates, setup branding, and email notifications. Add multiple site administrators and instructors.

Content Management / Collaboration

Build a custom theme and site pages; batch tasks, and reports using our APIs and widgets. Enable collaboration features like forums, polls, and resources sharing at individual class level or group level. Get forum updates notifications.

Integrations & APIs

Integration with Google for business, Atlassian Confluence / Jira Service Desk, Yammer, Salesforce, Paypal,, Shopify, Zoom, WebEx, GoTo (LogMeIn suite), YouTube, Vimeo, Prezi. APIs for custom integrations.

Add on features (purchased separately)

Multiple Microsites

Unique architecture that allows a customer to have multiple branded microsites to create a unique experience for a different audience. Manage a centralized training content and deliver it through multiple sites. Localize in multiple languages. Set unique policies for each site. Link each site to corporate applications via single sign-on, group multiple sites into a common security space or keep them separate.


Training, Learning, and Communities Together - Product companies can create customer & partner training sites to provide formal and informal ways to learn their product. Share meta tagged easily searchable micro-learning content. Create a categorized knowledge base with open access and embed quizzes for engaging your site visitors. Allow learning communities to collaborate and share resources with each other.

Advanced e-commerce

EduBrite's advanced e-commerce package includes support for multiple currencies and flexible training credits. These features are essential for any global enterprise with international (B2B) customers.

AICC publisher

EduBrite is the only LMS that allows you to publish your courses as thin AICC packages. You can share these packages with your enterprise customers who can install them in their own LMS allow their users to launch them. This allows you to become a content publisher and keep your content in one place. You can fully control who has access to it and for how long.