Gilly 2.0

Knowledge sharing, collaboration and learning must co-exist, and we translated our belief to reality by integrating EduBrite platform with Confluence (leading Wiki platform by Atlassian) more than a year ago. All the feedback we got over a year for Gilly motivated us to take it to the next level, and today we are releasing version 2.0.

Gilly 2.0 brings a whole lot of new features from EduBrite training and assessment platform and puts it right inside confluence. You no longer have to create a wiki page in confluence to embed your courses. Gilly 2.0 provides an integrated training dashboard which provides a clean view of trainings and assessments from the trainees perspective. We have also added user and group syncing capabilities which will allow confluence admins to sync their users and groups with EduBrite microsite in one click.

Try it out, Gilly 2.0 is compatible with Confluence 3.1 – 4.2.1 , and you can find it via Confluence plugin manager by searching for Gilly or EduBrite in the search box. For details on installation and configuration check out the release information. You can also find video tutorials on our support site.