• SSO, WebEx, Authoring by All Users

    SSO option with Active Directory or any SAML based system is added. Import existing training events from WebEx. Allow authoring permissions to everyone and create a decentralized learning environment. Users get the ability to create courses and tests for their teams.

  • Group Hierarchy

    Create sub-groups within groups without any restriction on number of levels. Use this to map organizational or training delivery structure. Offer common courses in higher level groups, and keep the specific ones in sub-groups. In multi-site scenarios you can create sub-groups to offer subset of courses on other microsites.

  • Voiced Powerpoint

    Powerpoint files with voice over on slides can be uploaded in courses directly. LMS does all the content conversions necessary and the course player shows slide content along with an audio and play bar with play and pause buttons. You don't need external tools to create eLearning courses with voice.

  • Full customization of User Profile Attributes

    If you have a need to collect custom fields from users via signup or accounts page, you can easily add any number of new fields like text box, drop down, list box, checkbox, radio buttons and date. For drop down and lists you can also maintain the allowed options. You can search users by any field.

  • Group specific Email Templates

    LMS has over 60 different email notifications and templates for all of them can be customized in a microsite. But if you like to send different notifications based on the group, this feature would be great. Fully customizable group specific templates make your email notifications targeted to specific customers.

  • Yammer Integration

    EduBrite Personal Edition app is now available in Yammer app marketplace. Yammer aligns very well with EduBrite's personal edition concept as every user in organization can add the app to their account, without requiring any approval and start training their teams. And its free.

  • ReadyTalk Integration

    Implement blended learning using ReadyTalk conferencing and webinar tool. Create events, manage registrations and launch the webinar from within LMS. Embed the live sessions in courses along with other eLearning content. Send users to take quiz / survey after the session is over.

  • Sub Group Management & Reporting

    Any number of users can be made group admins at any level. They are allowed full management of users in their groups like adding, removing, enrolling in courses, resetting passwords etc. They can also view reports for their groups only.

  • Automatic Actions

    Auto enroll upon launch, automatically assign tasks/assignments, auto deactivate user account upon course completion, automatic free access codes, email reports every day, week or month to send summary of all enrollments and payment transactions.

  • Templates

    There are several settings possible in every Group and Course Sessions. To minimize the work needed to customize these settings every time, you can create re usable templates and use them to create the new Group or Course Session.

  • Programs tab in Gilly (add on for Confluence)

    New version 2.9 of Gilly added a new tab on training dashboard to show enrolled programs by users. Course player is also enhanced to allow automatic navigation to next courses in a program, upon completion of any course. Users now also have ablity to download certificate from within Confluence.

  • Run external AICC Courses in EduBrite

    You can now add AICC wrappers as well as AICC courses from MOOC platforms or external content providers such as Lynda.com in courses created in EduBrite. This would allow you to quickly add wide variety of learning content in EduBrite LMS and start training your workforce.

  • GotoMeeting, GotoWebinar Integration

    Besides our existing WebEx integration, new integrations allow you to have more choices for using your preferred conferencing/webinar tool and create seamless integrations of live meetings and webinars with eLearning. Learners don't need to leave LMS to register and join any live session.

  • Rolling Access in Programs

    Rolling access allows you to create indefinite learning programs that allow access to different courses and modules every N days (weeks, months) based on user's enrollment dates. The program never ends and users can join, leave and re-join any time.

  • Quiz Generation, Weighted Quizzes

    A simple wizard in course editor gives you all the options to generate new quizzes by using existing quizzes in the course. You can also assign different weights to the quizzes in the course.

  • Play EduBrite Courses in External LMSs

    Any course created in EduBrite can be integrated for delivery from other LMSs and MOOC platforms that support AICC. You can download a lightweight AICC wrapper (zip) that can be uploaded in other LMSs while maintaining the original content in EduBrite. This opens new revenue opportunities for content publishers as many MOOC platforms like OpenSesame allow AICC based delivery.

  • Events enhancements

    Set automatic reminders for emails that would be sent N days before the event starts. Very useful for webinars or other ILT sessions. Bulk import WebEx events into multiple courses, set their prices for selling via LMS in single step.

  • Site wide uniform Grading Schemes

    Ability to consistently override grading scheme for all courses in a microsite without requiring to setup grading options on each course. Make all lessons, quizzes, scorm mandatory or optional, set weights and add complex grade calculation formula.

  • Salesforce Integration

    This is version 1 of our planned inetgations with Salesforce. Learning interface is fully integrated with Salesforce to allow seamless delivery of courses from within Salesforce. You can add a LMS tab in Salesforce and users can take courses without requiring separate login.

  • Quiz Enhancements

    Auto evaluation of Essay questions by setting automatic evaluation rules that specify patterns for correct answers. This would reduce the manual work needed to evaluate large number of quiz responses. Specify random N questions to be shown out of all questions in the quiz.

  • New Responsive User Interface

    To keep up with the modern user interface design trends we completely revamped LMS front end to make it more usable, modern and fully responsive that works on all smartphones, tablets and browsers.

  • HTML5 Course Player

    New course player using HTML5 based content delivery to completely eliminate need for Flash plugin. LMS does all the heavy lifting and converts all course content into HTML5 compatible format.

  • Badges

    First version of badges feature which allows maintaining a list of badges in the site and assign badge to a program. When a learner completes all the courses in the program users would get the badges awarded and they would be visible on their profile and dashboard.

  • eCommerce Enhancements

    Add to Cart option for multiple items purchase in one step, Group Purchase option to purchase courses for multiple users and other users, ability to have separate Shipping address captured in payment step for selling materials in addition to online courses, restricted coupons to be used by members of specific group.