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Open Enrollments

This tip helps to create an open environment for learning within your organizations. An open learning environment will help you share the knowledge within your organization which can be effectively tracked without incurring excessive administrative cost to manage the trainings and enrollments.

  • Site Memberships: you can enable self enrollment in your microsite which will allow users to signup by simply using their email id.
  • Membership to Groups: create multiple groups for your teams or departments, and make them publicly viewable and make them Open to join. This way users would be able to find the relevant groups from the Groups tab and join them without requiring assistance from admin.
  • Open to enroll Course Sessions: after you schedule a course, just edit the course session and change its access type to Open. This will enable group members to self enroll in the courses which are of interest to them. Users can find the scheduled course sessions from the Scheduled Courses page. As an admin you can view the enrollments and completion statistics anytime.
  • Courses without scheduling/tracking: you can also differentiate between courses which need to be scheduled and tracked Vs courses which are just like a collection of useful information (presentations / videos / documents) which you would like to share with certain groups. The later type of courses really don’t require any scheduling, hence when you create a course for this purpose, make sure you set it up to be accessible without course session. You can make these courses private within certain groups or make them available to all site members by appropriate setting of authorization level. Users can find these courses on the Published Courses page.