EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

Ownership of Courses and Tests

This week we are describing Test and Course Ownership concept in detail. which is quite handy in situations where multiple users need to be able to edit the course or test.

Owner of a test or course is someone who has all the rights to manage it and assign a new owner. Managing implies editing, authorizing to groups, publishing and deleting. When you create a new test or course, you become the owner of it by default. But this implies if you have other colleagues in the team who also need to edit the test or course, they won’t be able to do it. EduBrite supports concept of Groups, which can have any number of users as the member. We can use group concept for ownership as well. You can create groups corresponding to teams in your organization, and add users who would need to manage the tests and courses in specific groups and assign them admin or instructor role in the group.

Next, as a owner of a test or course you can transfer the ownership to another user of the site or to a group. If the ownership is transferred to a group, then all the members in that group who have instructor or administrator role in the group would be allowed to manage the test or course. This would mean a single test or course can now be edited by multiple users. In a team environment this can be quite useful. One thing to note here however – if the course or test is owned by a group, although admin or instructor from that group can edit it, but they can’t transfer the ownership. Ownership transfer privilege is held by owner of the group in this case. And we know, that owner of a group can’t be another group, it has to be a user.

There is a small caveat to editing group owned tests – only one user can edit the test at any given point. Once they are done editing, they would have to submit it for publishing in order to release the edit lock. However, things are different in the course, where multiple users can edit a group owned course, as long as they are editing different lessons.

So this is how you can overcome the limitations of having only specific users have authoring permission on specific tests or courses.