EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

Partner Training and Channel Enablement

Comprehensive Channel Training or Partner Enablement programs demonstrate that you are investing in your partners and that your business is willing to make an effort to keep them functioning at their best, similar to your own employees. A well crafted enablement strategy with your partners also helps to meet your goals in a predictable and repeatable manner. Channel training needs to be offered to everyone delivering your service or selling your product including your vendors, consultants, resellers, contractors, and distributors and could be local or international.

Key Highlights of Partner Training and
Channel Enablement

Gamified Experience for Competitive Motivation

Create motivation and engage learners through gamification. From leaderboards and points, to levels and rewards, Learning can be competitive and fun for all partners and channel teams.

Partner branded Microsites

Deliver a personalized learning experience to your key strategic partners through their own branded microsites and with your training catalog customized for enabling your partners on your products and solution.

Customized Learning Paths by Roles

Create a personalized enablement program with tailored learning paths and content by role to ensure the right partner and teams get the right training ensuring successful outcomes.


EduBrite LMS offers powerful functionalities of Online Learning,
Instructor-led training, and Certification.
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“EduBrite has developed an innovative, powerful, attractive and user friendly LMS that our team of developers and educators are loving. Plus, our students enjoy the intuitive navigation from log-in, viewing courses, taking exams and printing certificates of completion.”

Beverly T

Empower your Partners and Channels

Edubrite’s LMS enables you to be successful with your Partner Enablement programs by offering you features to Build Partner branded portals/microsites, Develop customized Learning Paths by Roles, deliver right content to the right role, bring gamification for competitive motivation, social tools for community learning, enroll your team members automatically, send them emails with pre and post work, track their progress as well as send reminders and follow ups. Your leadership team can also track organization wide progress through analytics dashboards.