Sales and Support Enablement

Enablement when executed effectively allows your sales and support organizations meet their goals in a predictable and repeatable manner. You are able to prepare your entire Sales organization for success and not just dependent on a handful of superheroes to hit the sales quota for the entire team. Similarly for customer success organizations your entire team of support agents can get trained and ready to bring success for you end customers and a smile on their faces. Ideal platform for enablement provides your entire sales and support teams best knowledge, practices, tools and resources to be successful.

Key Highlights of
Sales and Support Enablement

Customized Learning Paths by Roles

Create a personalized enablement program with tailored learning paths and content by role to ensure right teams get the right training ensuring successful outcomes.

Gamified Experience for Competitive Motivation

From leaderboards to points and levels, Learning can be competitive and fun for the whole sales or support team. This motivates staff to learn more and to learn faster so that they can perform better.

Analytics Dashboards for Measuring Readiness

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve It. Every business needs analytics dashboards where they can measure readiness of their organization by regions and roles and identify areas needing focus and improve their enablement program.


EduBrite LMS offers powerful functionalities of Online Learning,
Instructor-led training, and Certification.
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“EduBrite has uniquely met our global organization's requirements for an enterprise class Learning Management System (SaaS) targeted at providing centralized internal learning programs for our Human Resources and IS&T departments”

Torey Q

Develop your sales and support team

Edubrite’s solution equips you for everything you need for enabling your sales and support teams. You can build Customized Learning Paths by Roles, Deliver Right content to the right role, Bring gamification for competitive motivation, Enroll your team members automatically, Send them emails with pre and post work, Track their progress as well as send reminders and follow ups. Your leadership team can also track organization wide progress through analytics dashboards.