EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

EduBrite can create a totally branded and integrated solution for training providers, academic institutions and other businesses who need a solution to integrate ecommerce, customer management and elearning in a single website or portal. EduBrite product stack includes built in Content Management, eCommerce capabilities to create any kind of website where you can offer visitor as well as logged in user experience. All the features of learning and assessment can be delivered with seamless integration with your website or we can help you create the custom website on our own platform. As an example, our own and websites are built and running on this same platform.

Data Migration

Users, Groups, Transcripts

If you were already using another LMS or had some custom applications where you current data resides, no worries. We will transfer everything for you. We have ready tools that work on many other LMSs and can reduce the time and effort to do the job manually.

Content Migration

Courses, Quiz & Surveys

If you have pre-existing course content in another LMS, CMS, any custom app or on filesystem, no issues. We can transfer all content and create courses automatically in EduBrite. Our unique multi step content extraction, transformation and load process ensures that we can import everything accurately and with less time and manual review.

Custom Integrations

EduBrite has full APIs for bi-directional integrations with external systems. We can help you with developing custom integrations with HR systems, Intranet applications, ERPs, single sign on or development of custom reports and batches.

UI Customiztion

We can customize the microsite's user interface to match your preferred style guidelines or match it with your existing websites. We can also develop custom landing pages, signup pages and other navigations as per your business requirements.

Custom iPad/iPhone Apps

We provide a free native iPad app that your learners can use to access eLearning courses. If you have a need to have your own branded iPad app published in iTunes (for free or paid download), talk to us. We can customize the EduBrite app and/or develop a custom one for your organization with your branding.


We provide few hours of free online trainings as part of our implementation services for EduBrite's Enterprise LMS customers. If you have a need to get your wider teams of admins and developers trained in advanced features and customization of EduBrite, talk to us.