EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.
Training, Learning, and Communities Together
In one easy-to-use platform, SuccessX by EduBrite brings you the capabilities of an LMS plus the power of micro-learning, communities, knowledge base. Designed with high growth tech companies in mind, SuccessX by EduBrite is flexible, yet powerful enough to meet customer demand at every stage.

Knowledge base

Every Product Needs a Knowledge base


Lesson Oriented Bite-Size Learning


Communities for Collaborative Learning

Knowledge base

Every product needs a Knowledge base

Knowledge base contains full reference material in the form of browsable web pages. These materials are generally organized in Categories and Sections for easy browsing.

EduBrite Open Learning includes full featured knowledge base creation module that allows you to create knowledge articles and categorize them. Users are allowed to comment, rate and share them. By having an integrated platform with LMS, these knowledge base pages can be re used to build online courses with full tracking.

Open Learning

Lesson oriented Bite Size learning

EduBrite Open Learning, allows access to individual content items from within e-learning courses without forcing users to launch full course. Open learning drives learners to specific content items quickly, by unlocking the content confined within e-learning courses. Interface consists of fully browsable meta tagged content repository and user experience is similar to social web sites. Open learning not only helps in progressively driving the users to formal courses and certifications, but it also helps them later in re accessing the learning content if they need it again for reference.


Customer, Partner, Employee Communities for Collaborative Learning

Users of your corporate university will have much to learn and share with each other. This is why EduBrite platform includes Community feature to let you create multiple communities that can be open or private. Members can post any question that they want to ask and other members can reply to it or just start following the thread. System generated notifications are sent to keep the members informed about whats happening in the communities.

Listen to what our early adopters
are saying...

Jeff Olsen, Director of Education at MaritzCX.

“SuccessX really conformed to our workflow and to us, that was the key requirement. The support and help that we get from the team at EduBrite is just incredible. Our customers have found that the way we designed our front-end experience with SuccessX, really makes it super easy to navigate and to find the courses they needed.”

Jeff Stivers, Head of Knowledge Management at Datalex

“Our evaluation of EduBrite has been that every time we ask the team at EduBrite- “Can we do this?” The response is always yes we can do it, or we will figure out how to do it. We found that the capabilities in EduBrite far exceed what we’ve even taken advantage of at this point. So that has been really good.”


EduBrite LMS offers powerful functionalities of Online Learning,
Instructor-led training, and Certification.
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