Training Creation

Drag and drop your existing content into our browser based course builder. Create quizzes and assemble a eLearning course in no time. EduBrite gives a great way to reuse your existing content in any format and create beautiful courses with full tracking. We also support SCORM/AICC for serious eLearning material but our built in authoring gives you enough power to get up and running quickly.

Course Authoring (Management) Features

Create lessons from any file

Simply drag and drop any presentation, word or pdf file in the course editor. You can also create and edit content using built in lesson content editor if you don't like to upload files. Optionally set the timing for each slide in the lesson.

Video or Audio

Add audio/video lesson using any existing MP4, FLV or MP3 file. Or add audio/video to any presentation / document lessons so as to play it side by side.

Learning Communities

Informal learning & resource sharing within groups. Map your org structure to hierarchical groups and also allow organically created groups by the users.


Want to create lessons having animations in slides and voice over, just upload a powerpoint with narration, with embedded MP3, WAV or WMA audio files or embedded videos. EduBrite performs full conversion to make your content compatible for all devices.


Scorm is in existence for a long time and therefore it is very likely that you prefer creating content in external editors like articulate, adobe captivate or want to use pre-packaged content from a content provider. We support importing Scorm packages in both 1.2 and 2004 versions.

Quiz or survey

Embed any quiz or survey (created inside EduBrite) into the course after a set of lessons to test the knowledge of learners or take their feedback.

External Content

Easily add external videos from YouTube & Vimeo. Import files you already have in Dropbox without having to go thru upload process again. And if you are using Atlassian Confluence, you can export the content as PDF and import in courses with full tree structure of the space used as course outline.

Course outline (table of content)

We know that learning doesn't have to follow a sequential path all the time, therefore we allow you to organize lessons in hierarchical modules and topics. We also show table of content embedded in your word or PDF files in the course outline.


Make any lesson or quiz mandatory to make sure that learners understand and absorb the knowledge provided in one module or topic before they can move to the next.

Reusable content

Pick lessons and scorms from other courses and make a new course for a specific type of learners. Content linking promotes reusability of content without losing the ability to uniquely track each one of them. It also requires change in one place should you have a need to do a revision.

Protect your content

We know it takes a lot of hard work to develop the content. Therefore we make sure your content is protected all the time. You can specifically allow or disallow download and print of your content even to users who are enrolled in the courses.

Access from anywhere

In addition to your microsite, your courses can be accessed from any place where you embed them, on iPad via our mobile app, and from inside atlassian confluence via Gilly plugin.

Authoring Permissions

We all work in teams, therefore we allow you to share authoring rights with specific group of users so you don't lose time by asking someone else to make changes all the time.

Bulk Import

Bring your entire set of files from your machine in your course by zipping them and uploading to avoid one by one lesson creation. Once uploaded, just drag and drop the lessons and re-organize them as you like.

Migration from Other Sources

We have solid tools to migrate your content (documents, presentations, audio, video, quizzes) from other LMSs or from filesystem.

Test/Assessment/Survey Authoring Features

Online Quiz/Survey Editor

Create all types of questions in simple to use online WYSIWYG editor, which presents questions to the author exactly same as it would appear to a test taker. You can do rich text formatting, insert any number of images anywhere in the question or choices text text format and embed audio/video in the questions. You can also print the test in PDF format, if you like to deliver it offline.

Import from Word Documents

Create complete tests with hundreds of questions easily with full formatting, embedded images and mathematical formulas offline using MS Word (using our template) and just upload them to create a new test or add additional questions in an existing test.

12 Question Types

12 different types of question formats to choose from such as single or multiple responses, fill in the blanks, sequencing, column matching or essay. This gives you the power and flexibility to create questions for any kind of assessment.

Sections and Passage

You can create passage with information about a set of questions to follow in the test. In case of tests with longer duration, you can group the questions into sections and specify available time for each section.

Scoring Criteria

You can choose from several scoring options like points for each question, penalty points for wrong answers, whether or not partial points be awarded for questions with multiple correct choices and weighted scores for different answers in likert type questions (called Vertical and Horizontal grid type questions in EduBrite). The system also let you review and score essay type questions manually.

Controls for test takers

You can specify several options in the test editor to configure the experience for test takers. How many questions to show on each page, allow or disallow Pause, allow or disallow going back to previous questions and enforcing every question to be answered before allowing proceeding to next are some of the controls you can set.

Prevent cheating

You can enable randomization of questions as well as randomization of choices to make the test look unique to each test taker. We also disable printing or copy paste actions in the tests to prevent your data.

Adaptive tests

For advanced use cases like a college exam, we even let you create rule based adaptive tests which can dynamically branch out to any next question which is not in the sequence based on the previous responses by the test taker.

Question bank

You can reuse questions you once created and add them to new tests easily by using the import tool in the test editor. Each question can also be additionally tagged with specific subjects and topics for to categorize them in the site wide question bank for easily locating it again.