EduBrite was acquired by LinkedIn in June 2022. As a result, we are pausing new business development moving forward.

Webex + EduBrite bring the power of video conferencing into your learning management system (LMS)

We have talked about video conferencing tools for your LMS in the past. So we are excited to announce that EduBrite has recently partnered with Webex to allow for a quick seamless integration between our LMS and Webex video conferencing platform. With this integration EduBrite’s LMS can:

  • Automatically generate Webex URLS during ILT (instructor-led training) scheduling
  • Automatically send Webex ILT calendar invites and reminders to learners
  • Automatically track attendance for Webex attendees joining an ILT session
  • Automatically update meeting attendees calendars when rescheduling or canceling an event

How is this different?

Prior to having a Webex integration, authors and LMS admins would have to manually input in Webex URLs when creating events in the LMS. Then when an instructor went to enroll a learner, or if the learner self-enrolled, the system would not send out a calendar invite to their email provider. This led to missed attendance and overall lower enrollment rates with Webex.

Webex and EduBrite for enterprise

EduBrite recently released three new enterprise add-on features for the enterprise. Additionally, EduBrite has always been a leader in fully customized deployments for our enterprise customers. Webex is just one new way we are bringing more out-of-the-box features to our clients to help you:

  • Save time by automating the process of scheduling and enrolling into an ILT session
  • Create unique URLs for each event
  • Improve the user experience and their journey through the platform
  • Sync calendars across the organization by allowing them to schedule on their time
  • Reduce the need to communicate cancellations and reschedules by automatically sending out notifications that you can customize
  • Allow you to work at an enterprise scale through automation

How do I get started?

If you would like to integrate EduBrite with your Webex account, follow the steps below: