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Why You Need Great Training for Your Partners

One of the best ways to build your customer base and scale your business is to find the right partners. However, recruiting partners and establishing a relationship is only one piece of the puzzle. In order for those partners to effectively represent your product and services, they must have one crucial thing: effective training. The right partner training includes on-demand training and support throughout the relationship.

Why You Need Great Training for Your Partners

First: Kickstart Their Onboarding

First impressions always make an impact, and so should your partner onboarding learning experiences. Take the opportunity to showcase how amazing and opportunity-filled your product is and how it is going to impact their respective businesses. Help them understand what you expect from them, the type of customers they should be focusing on, and the ins and outs of the product. Remember, partners have other options besides your product or services. So getting their support early is crucial for a fruitful business relationship.

Next Up: Comprehensive Product Training

The main goal of compelling product training is to help your partners concretely understand how the product works and why customers should buy it. Let’s be real, no one wants to sit through hours upon hours of boring lectures. Training today has to be enjoyable while still being able to effectively pass on essential product knowledge. Today’s learning experience platforms allow you to design and provide training to meet the ever-changing needs of learners. You can utilize features like communities, e-learning, and microlearning to build a seamless experience for your partners. Plus, you’re able to get data and reporting that helps you refine your training offerings.

Sales Training and Beyond

Excellent training programs shouldn’t stop with product training. Sales training is also essential to learn how partners should talk about or present your product or services. Use ongoing training to help your partners understand how to best market and sell your product. Share what you’ve learned throughout your own marketing and business development efforts. What challenges and objections have you had to overcome? It’s vital for partners to have the information they need to represent and sell your product or services.

Great Training Builds Great Relationships

Finding potential partners is a crucial step to ensuring your businesses’ success. However, without proper training, those partners might be causing more harm than good. They may be underselling your company’s value or worse, not even selling it at all. Providing on-demand and ongoing training helps you keep your partners engaged and selling.