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How Can an LMS Help Your Business During Coronavirus?

Businesses across the world are responding to the new challenges they face during the COVID-19 outbreak. Employees and company leadership alike are concerned about the future of businesses and jobs in the short and near term future.

With strict guidelines for as many people as possible to work from home, it’s more important than ever to have the tools your company needs to communicate and share knowledge. As businesses are shifting and changing, it’s important to help employees upskill and learn new skills for success. It’s also crucial to keep training information flowing for new products or product updates. In times like these, an LMS can be a central hub and resource that your employees, partners and customers can depend on.

How Can an LMS Help Your Business During Coronavirus?

So how can an LMS help during Coronavirus?

  1. An LMS allows you to quickly collect info from subject matter experts and make it available to everyone in the organization. In chaotic times like these, having a place to organize and easily distribute key training information is crucial.
  2. With in person trainings and conferences cancelled until further notice, an LMS can replace any in person events you had scheduled. With integrations like EduBrite’s Zoom Integration, you can hold virtual instructor-led trainings, or create a blended training experience with virtual training and e-learning content.
  3. Employees and managers across organizations are likely spread thin between the disruptions in their work and family lives. An LMS can help your employees or customers “help themselves.” Instead of answering the same question for everyone one at a time, you can use your LMS to train everyone at once.
  4. With an LMS, your training team, customer success team, or HR can easily disseminate current and up to date information. As things change, courses can be updated or new courses can be created and published.
  5. This disruption in business, shouldn’t disrupt efforts to keeps teams moving forward. Learning and development isn’t a switch that you can flip on and off. Companies thrive, no matter what the situation, when employees are encouraged to learn, grow, and stay up to date.
  6. State of the art LMS’s help you provide content in a variety of formats best designed for a learner’s needs and time constraints. For example, EduBrite’s Open learning lets users maximize their time by accessing microlearning content, reading reviews and ratings of training content, and discovering suggested courses.

Businesses who aren’t using an LMS currently, or are having difficulty getting value from the one they have are missing out on the benefits of a platform that can help their business survive. While an LMS is important for businesses at any stage and at any time, the Coronavirus pandemic has shown us just how much of a necessity it is.